Brands We Love - Worldwide Hidden Gem's

As we come to the end of this cold month, we wanted to shine a bright light on a few more hidden gem's, recommended by Rachel.

From delicate Italian ceramics to healthy aperitifs and the best handmade caps we hope you find a range of new brands to inspire you. 

We love supporting small, likeminded businesses who share our same values  so if you are or follow a brand which you think would be great for us to feature, please do get in touch via Instagram messages or email so we can add them to our list.


If you are looking for smart, tailored hats made with the greatest care then former Army caption, Yorkshire Dales based Johnny is your go-to-destination. He is known as a 'die-hard textile lover who delights in obscure end-of-roll pieces, rare headstocks fabrics and other finds from the strangest of places.' Simply the best for flat caps in particular. 

Johnny Boardall shares our passion for sustainability by working with limited runs so we can help reduce waste and instead recycle fabulous materials in unique patterns to provide you with truly one-of-a-kind pieces.


Trying to continue that New Year's health kick? Rachel has always recommend Mother Root as we think it's one of the best drinks to discover during 'dry January' but also to enjoy all year around with their great nutritional benefits.

They are tasty, refreshing and very energising, crafted to give you that satisfying hit we all crave, especially after a long day!



Athena Calderone is well known for her boundless beauty tips but did you know that she's also an accomplished creative director, author, interior designer, chef and entertaining expert? We are constantly inspired by her creativity and highly recommend subscribing to her newsletter for the latest top trends in these fields.

Her Eyeswoon home collection is simply stunning and inject a luxurious sense of tranquility into any home. A great find if you are looking to invest in bespoke, timeless pieces.


If you are ever in Positano you must visit Ceramic Assunta. They have been running since 1948 and specialise in the production of tableware, with the most wonderful range of decorations in fantastic, vibrant patterns. 

Rachel has in particular collected a few plates from them over the years which are all hand-painted by expert artisans. 


With Valentines just around the corner, we needed to shine a special spotlight on the fabulous Cockles and Heart candles, which are crafted using natural waves and pure essential oils. The smells are sensational and we love how their mantra is ' be good to yourself, be good to the planet.'

They never use any chemicals, artificial fragrances, paraffin, soya or palm in your candles so you know when burning these you can enjoy pure candlelit joy whilst helping the planet at the same time.

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