Sombrero Suede Mexican Hat


Color: Tan

Now I love a hat- covers bad hair days...if you pull it down far enough no-one can see if you aren't wearing any make up.........keeps your face out of the sun, wind, rain and quite frankly finishes off any outfit.

Now finding this perfect hat has been a long process. These beauties are made in Mexico we have shipped them in as the perfect hat is important and you want one that is timeless, versatile and comfortable that will fit perfectly so you really don't have to give it a second thought. 

We then decided we wanted something "more" so you beautiful hat will be shipped with a hand made horse hair braided trim. Yes indeed- you are welcome....its all in the attention to detail that you have come to expect from Stoned & Waisted.

The inside of the crown has a 1 inch elasticated trim that allows the hat to fit comfortably and sung so it stays in place. Designed to be worn by the cowboys in Mexico this shape is a classic and not just some "fashion"statement. I am not great in the sun and always have to be undercover and like this look so much more than a straw hat which is only useful for high days and holiday. I have been wearing this hat all Autumn as it has taken that long to ship this in and to lovingly make the beautiful horsehair trim braid that sits on the crown.


The Hat comes in a Camel or a Brown and in two sizes a Medium- from a 54cm- 58cm circumference head or a large- from a 59cm-65 cm circumference head.

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About The Designer

Born in Canada, I grew up in California and at the age of 11 moved to England with my mother. Summers were spent with my father and brother in LA and I genuinely believe it was from there that I got the confidence to be entrepreneurial. I studied business and retail and worked along the way for large corporation in Sales & Marketing. Always frustrated by the corporate structure- I learned what I needed to absorb and then Stoned & Waisted was launched back in 2002.

I was always inspired by the way people dressed, the quirky little details that would make me light up….. above all they looked comfortable and at ease with what they were wearing. Nothing was ever forced.

“It was never about age, size or money- it was the way it all was put together and the confidence of the way it was worn.”

I can still remember some of the looks that still influenced me. A vintage coat worn casually with denim and a pair of lace up brogues, layered textures with clever prints and textures, a surprise of splash of colour, a beautiful bone button. The beauty of something that will be worn again and again over the years.

An investment - what a privilege to be the brand that our customers choose to invest in… but above all comfortable, tactile, and wearable.

“Everyday Luxury.”

I unashamedly pull inspiration from pieces in my own wardrobe I have held onto for over 25 years. Pieces that have stood the test of time and make me stand a little taller- pieces that make me feel a little special. I have a large selection of vintage coats which I draw inspiration from. I am so excited when I can see on a customers face the thrill of feeling elegant in a piece that is flattering, beautiful and with confidence will wear at every opportunity. Our customers are loyal and often return time and time again to invest in the brand as they wear their Stoned & Waisted pieces time and time again all year round.

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