Stoned & Waisted started by operating a policy that no animal should be farmed for fashion, which is why all our iconic Shearling is a natural by-product of the food industry.

We also pride ourselves on using designer, high-quality dead stock fabrics and traditional techniques to produce elevated everyday pieces for your forever wardrobe across our range of gorgeous Womenswear.

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We are specialists in

Luxury Womenswear

Stoned & Waisted was born out of a desire to produce well-thought-out designs beautifully made by skilled craftsmen here in the UK. From luxury womens clothing to demi fine jewellery. Each piece is meant to join your wardrobe separately or as a statement staple complementing items from current and previous collections. Our pieces are ageless, timeless, yet inspiring, proving that less is more. Your Stoned & Waisted pieces will stand the test of time. The overall result is relaxed, uncomplicated, and classic yet modern. We offer everyday solutions, hard-working, beautifully crafted items you will reach for time and time again and form the foundation of your hard-working wardrobe.

Our quality is controlled and maintained by nearby production; something sadly missing in today’s fast fashion trend-led environment. To that end, we aim to be as sustainable as possible. We source our ready-to-wear materials mostly from overrun stock fabrics and produce in small production runs, slow fashion at its best. Women of all ages enjoy our relaxed and comfortable shapes.

Our Shearling Clothing

We are best known for our shearling coats. We have introduced beautiful colours from peacock blue, emerald green and baby pink over the years to our range. We are drawn to the beauty of the skins and all their unique qualities…we champion colour and texture in their natural form. Our shearling clothing moves through our signature pieces including shearling waistcoats. We work closely with our tanneries and manufacturers to ensure that only the finest quality, lightweight, luxurious skins are selected for our garments. Attention to detail and quality control is paramount.

We believe in transparency. Stoned & Waisted is exclusively direct-to-customer online through our Suffolk-based workshop and selected pop-ups and shows we attend. Because we offer directly to you, you can shop at the best possible prices for our collections.