How To Care For Shearling Clothing

Recently purchased one of our stunning shearling pieces and wondering how  to care for your clothing? 

Continue reading as we share our top tips for looking after your Shearling pieces so they will continue to last you a lifetime. 


We would urge you to avoid dry cleaning your shearling. The skins can react differently to dry cleaning and can change the texture; therefore, we would advise using a specialist dry cleaner as a last resort or after years of regular use. We recommend regularly light brushing the shearling pile with a suede brush or shearling comb to help relieve the pile.

We would recommend you AVOID contact with grease, ink or any oil-based substances like oils/make-up as they can permanently mark the suede/nappa/matt leather finish of your shearling. You can try a suede brush or dry sponge if you do get a mark by gently brushing it downwards.


We would recommend you try to avoid getting caught in the rain shower in your shearling coat or jacket. Please ensure your garment is worn the WOOL side out if this does occur.

Shake any excess water off and hang your garment to dry away from direct heat on a substantial wooden hanger - dry NATURALLY.

Some of the longer hair shearling/Toscana shearling wool, if it becomes wet, might start to curl slightly - to avoid this, whilst still damp, gently comb with a wide metal tooth comb (a wide-tooth dog comb will work) to re-set the direction of the wool.


  • Always hang your shearling on a wide shoulder wooden hanger, never a metal or thin wooden hanger as this can stretch and misshape the shoulders of your coat.
  • Never hang on a hook or over a bannister as this too can misshapen the neckline of your coat.
  • Please keep your shearling away from direct sunlight or bright light as the shearling colour can fade and discolour.

Store your shearling at a moderate temperature with low humidity allowing your coat to have enough space to breathe as the wool can get compressed if squashed by other garments. NEVER store in a plastic cover. Hang in a cotton cover to protect the garment whilst still allowing it to breathe.

Colour Transfer

No skins are truly colourfast! Please be careful of colour transfer from dark and brightly coloured shearlings onto lighter fabrics and upholstery. Equally dark fabrics and new dark denim can transfer onto lighter coloured shearling, suede and matt leather finishes. Enjoy your luxurious Stoned & Waisted shearling every day.

Should you have any further questions on how to care for your shearling, please reach out as we are always happy to help. 


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