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Brands We Love - Introduction

This year, we are proud to introduce a new blog series which will be focused on highlighting brands we love, both both big and small.

Our hope is that this series will inspire you to find unique hidden gems from fellow, like-minded brands who we each admire for many reasons.

For our December feature, these are 10 labels which Rachel recommends as great gifts for your Christmas wishlist.


"Set in the quintessentially British countryside of the Cotswolds, Gin In A Tin started as the brainwave of the locally-known gin connoisseur, Martin Agius, founder of the renowned Gin Pantry. A destination for gin-enthusiasts, the Gin Pantry houses a famous collection of hundreds of gins from across the globe, for all to see, smell, sample and explore."

Great presents with a totally unique design. You can even get your tin personalised for that extra touch!


Don't forget to accessorise your phone with these fabulous handmade key and phone chains. Perfect for those crossbody statements and sustainable!

Upbeads use solely use FSC® certified- (Germany) beads and durable paracord produced in Germany. Each product is handmade with love by young parents who are based hometowns Berlin and Hamburg. They work from home to be close to their kids so this is a great family run business to support. 

They also plant one tree for every purchase and frequently donate to the epilepsy association "Soley for Syngap e.V.". 


Looking for that signature scent? Le Labo create beautiful, hand-blended fragrance's which simply smell amazing. 

"Originally founded in 2006 by two friends wanting to create a scented revolution in a world of conventional perfumery. They opened their first lab at 233 Elizabeth Street in Nolita, New York City, USA."

They offer everything from perfumes to candles, shampoo, lotion and much more in many signature scents. 


Jewellery is always such a lovely present for Christmas and can be incredibly personal. Sally offers a gorgeous selection hand-crafted pieces and has great long length necklaces in particular. Sally originally studied at Central Saint Martins and achieved a BA in jewellery, so she defiantly knows how to create unique treasures, which are often inspired by flowers and nature.


Trying to find that perfect eco-friendly gift? Little Leaf Organic is a family business based in Hampshire and are known for souring the best cotton. From luxury linen, beautiful baby clothes to fabulous pyjamas - their range is simply stunning.

As quoted by Rachel;

"When you touch their Pyjama’s there is no looking back."


The Lancaster Company is another amazing family run business that was born out of a love for style, craftsmanship and design.

They offer wonderful treasures from silver cutlery to jugs and home finds which are the perfect edition to your home.


Trying to find a last minute Christmas stocking for your mantelpiece? 

Amongst other wonderful treasures, Happy Cabbage London are currently offering an amazing 40% of their stunning luxury quilted stockings, for a limited time only. A beautiful option for those seeking a treasured heirloom piece to add to their decoration collection.

Happy Cabbage are known for their seriously soft pyjamas, which are so comfortable you want to wear them all the time. 


I‍f you have a strong passion for interior design, we defiantly recommend checking out Kinkatou Studio. Their designs are truly unique offering something different through bold creativity.

"Handcrafted, sculpted, painted and thrown on the wheel in London, their statement lamps are bold pieces of art and vibrant designs, where art and lighting meet"


Affordable reading glasses that look incredibly experience but available at great prices. Goodlookers has a lovely range of designs which are really beautiful alternatives to the standard styles you normally find.

Made from lightweight, high-quality materials Goodlookers glasses not only look great but are very durable and incredibly pleasing to the touch.

We hope you have enjoyed this new series and if you have any more brand recommendations for future features, please send them our way. x





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