Why we don't participate in the Sale Season

At Stoned and Waisted, we decide not to participate in this annual sale season but rather continue to offer our lovely and loyal customers the best prices on your quality investment silhouettes from our collection throughout the year so you can enjoy them for countless seasons to come. There are a few other key reasons for our decision as well, so we wanted to take this opportunity to explain incase you are not already familiar with our strategy and process.

To start, we operate in small production lines across our collection, meaning that instead of producing large amount of products /  sizes / quantities, we focus instead on quality pieces that we know our customers will treasure for a lifetime. This also equates to why we don't often have large amount of stock falling over from past seasons - a key reason as why many brands, especially those in fast fashion often offer sales and promotions at this time of year.
This is often the reason for why some sizes may also not be available the product you are looking at, but if you are interested in a particular piece, please do get in touch as we are always able to make certain styles on demand.

We also like to think that the great range of sustainable fabrics we offer mean our pieces will last you longer and be better for the planet.

We're always getting amazing reviews from our customers, highlighting our wonderful quality - customer care - attention to detail... All these are the key point of differences which make us who we are, as we really do put in so much love into everything we do. From the idea, design, production all the way to delivery we think about our customers and your journey every step of the way.

We are a small, female founded team and work closely with each other throughout all our efforts to ensure we deliver ageless, timeless, yet inspiring pieces, proving all the time that less is always more.

So when it comes to pricing, we want to make sure that such costs are covered to ensure we can continue to deliver this high level of service to our customers. Our margins are not massive, especially in comparison to bigger brands, so the moment every order comes through it really means the world.
Our quality is controlled and maintained by nearby production; something sadly missing in today’s fast fashion trend-led environment. To that end, we aim to be as sustainable as possible throughout our daily efforts.

We source our ready-to-wear materials mostly from overrun stock fabrics and produce in small production runs, as mentioned above to show slow fashion at its best. Women of all ages enjoy our relaxed and comfortable shapes and we want to continue offering you one-of-a-kind pieces without jeopardizing any part of our service.

We hope this gives you a better understanding of our marketing efforts and please do make sure to keep regularly checking our new arrivals pages, to see our latest pieces as we continue creating timeless treasures to last you a lifetime.


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