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Sometimes we all need a little help getting to that perfect dish.

Whilst I always love working with fresh ingredients and seasonal produce, one can't ignore the helpful solutions which are available on the market to help make your time in the kitchen that little bit easier.

These are honestly a great mixture of my favourite kitchen essentials, which I'll even bring away with me on holiday escapes are they are just that helpful and delicious to use in your recipes.


A surprisingly helpful spice mix that is great for when you are cooking meals for large gatherings and the flavour is amazing. I love their Biryani Masala mix in-particular. Layers on chicken or beef, but can also work with onions, chilli, cashew nuts and rice, a huge one pot wonder!

Just Spices

Having recently found this amazing brand, I have also fallen in love with their mixes and I use both the Avocado Topping and Seasoning on pretty much a daily basis.

You can checkout their bestseller set which I highly recommend if you are interested in giving them a trial. They also only use all natural ingredients, deliver from the UK, and have no artificial flavour enhances.

Grand Reserva

One of the best Sherry Vinegar's on the market today. This amazing singer makes all the difference to that pot of warm lentils and is great when poured over salad dressings, or when used to deglaze the pan for a sherry glaze on roast pork. The possibilities really are endless.

JD’s Hot Honey

Perfect when drizzled on your a pepperoni and mozzarella pizza or even a burger if you like that little extra something.

Mani Life 

Thank you for @kensingtonpilates for putting me onto the best peanut butter ever! Their deep roasted peanut butter is award winning and has the most fantastic deep crunch that satisfies every sweet craving.

Dunn’s River

Their everyday chicken seasoning is another great pantry cupboard essential. It's so easy to have in the kitchen drawer to shake onto anything.


I always love to use these preserved lemons, they are so useful to keep up your sleeve! Use sparingly as they really help to improve the flavour of stews and salads but also have a strong kick!


A must try, their Truffle & Artichoke Pesto. It's a sweet and creamy mix with breadcrumbs as a stuffing for large mushrooms and chicken. Smear on top of a burger or stir into mash potato. The best dinner party cheat ingredient


A little more expensive than your standard salt, but trust me it really makes all the difference, it is like a shape of a pyramid flake wise and the texture seems to release the saltiness with a clean and delicate flavour.


Their night time teabags are my personal favourite, especially after a busy day - which is almost everyday - as nowadays, I can’t seem to get a decent night's sleep without a cup of sleepytime!

Thai Taste

I highly recommend trying their green curry paste, they do such a good job of creating the perfect solution for this easy to make week day meal - after all why go to all the bother of making it yourself when you are limited on times!

Inspired to Cook

The little tube’s of garlic and ginger puree by Sainsbury’s makes it so much easier for a time pressed cook to get something on the table.

Keep it in the fridge and checkout their other flavours as well if you fancy it!

Curry with Love Curry

Not only is this amazing brand founded by two wonderful ladies based nearby me in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk - but I always genuinely grab the Coconut Prawn Curry and the Curry with Loe to take away with me. No chopping, no fuss and on the table in 20 mins.


The Chaat Masala is another wonderful seasonal mix I always enjoy using. This is great all purpose seasoning to add a kick to salads and curry’s.


Their yellowfin Tuna 220 g jars are expensive but the flesh has a gorgeous pinkish tone and these really are bursting with flavour, but not too strong so it’s great in salads. Plus - you are left with a lovely little jar great to keep homemade salad dressings in afterwards.


Their cocktail gherkins are a must if you are throwing together a tuna salad/sandwich, a charcuterie platter, making a tartar sauce (so good home-made) or can be an extra fabulous touch when thrown into a martini - yes..try it!

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