The beauty behind our fabulous fabrications

Over the past 20+ years we have had the pleasure of working with the most talented and skilled craftsmen from around the world. From sourcing the best semi-precious stones, genuine Italian leather for our belts and irresistibly soft cashmere to 100% weave cotton and high-quality linen, everything we stock is simply the best of the best and we are so generous with the consumption of all our fabrics. 

Above all our Shearling is without a doubt awe-inspiring. Our pieces are made from lightweight Shearling produced locally, in Spain and Italy, all dyed in vibrant natural colour palettes and made into our stunning reversible pieces, which are warm enough to get one through the coldest winters but also light enough in weight to be worn throughout the year. The textures, luxurious finishes and expert craftsmanship come together in all these brilliant pieces and will make you smile every day.

We also have a strict, no animal should be farmed for fashion policy and believe in complete transparency throughout our production. We ensure that the sheepskin we use is a natural by-product of the food industry and work closely with the best tanneries and manufactures to make sure that only the finest, quality, lightweight, luxurious skins are selected for our garments. Attention to detail and quality control is paramount throughout our process. 

When it comes to our Linen, Cotton and Cashmere, these irresistible fabrics are also simply incomparable. These natural materials are used throughout our ready-to-wear women's range and again we are so generous with the consumption of our fabrics, you really do get all the benefits. 

Unlike many fast fashion brands, we like to work with these organic materials because they are also sustainable. We treat and process these garments using gentle methods, and the herds which produce the wool for our garments are raised with extremely high levels of welfare which also makes it a truly ethical choice. We want you to love our pieces as much as we do, but also enjoy them for many years to come which is why we have spent so much time sourcing some of the most luxurious, sustainable, and ethical materials from around the world. 

Trends may come and go, but luxury and classic chic will always be in fashion. Our women's clothing is lovingly designed to be fashionable yet timeless, and traditional yet with a modern twist. We create all our pieces so they can be worn as foundations to your layered look or simply statement staples, so basically all the hard work is done for you.

We also want to help you look after your timeless pieces, so they last you and many generations years to come. Such advice is often shared on our socials and also on our blog, so if you are looking for how to care for your Shearling or how to wash your linen, we are here to help provide the best advice to truly make sure you get the most of out of these investment pieces.

If you'd like to learn more about a specific product please get in touch as we've love to hear from you.



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