Earth Day: Our Sustainable Values

Stoned and Waisted was born out of a desire to produce well-thought-out designs beautifully made in the UK.

Each piece we produce meant to join your wardrobe separately or as a statement complementing items from current and previous collections. Our pieces are ageless, timeless, yet inspiring, proving that less is more. 

This Earth Day, we wanted to take a moment to highlight our sustainable values and what we do to give back to our planet throughout our design and business practices as a small, women-led brand.


Stoned and Waisted is a slow fashion brand, we work with end of the line fabrics to help reduce textile waste.

Not only does this mean we can source high quality fabrics at great prices for our customers, but it’s also a great option for environmentally conscious clients who are interested in buying fashion which has less carbon due to lesser fuel and energy consumption. 


As you may know, we are best known for our Shearling and over the years have introduced beautiful colours, shapes and styles to our range which our lovey customers reach for time and time again. 

Our Shearling clothing moves through our signature pieces, including waistcoats as we work closely with tanneries and manufactures to ensure that only the finest, quality, lightweight, luxurious skins are selected for our garments. Attention to detail and quality control is paramount throughout our process. 

We believe in transparency and ensure that the sheepskin we use is a by-product of the food industry to ensure that no animal is farmed for fashion.


I have a particular concern with the amount of faux fur that is being sold in today’s market.

I really don’t think that people understand that faux fur is essentially plastic. Faux furs are typically made from synthetic polymeric fibres such as acrylic, modacrylic, and/or polyester, all of which are basically plastic. The raw materials used to make faux fur can start either as a powder or a pellet form which gets melted down and spun like cotton candy.

The cotton-like fibres you are left with are then woven through a fabric backing before being trimmed and sheared to the desired length. I am acutely aware that plastic is harmful to our environment. Faux fur is not bio-degradable. Instead, it can last for hundreds of years without breaking down. 

We understand our prices might be high for some, but when thinking about the benefits of longevity, love, care and the bonus points of helping the planet we hope you think twice before buying faux fur alternatives.


Whilst we do promote ‘seasonal’ pieces, tailored for your everyday elevated wardrobe, we always do our best to ensure our items are timeless and ageless.

We are always focused on producing premium, long-lasting garments that are known for their quality and treadless designs, which in turn helps reduce over consumerism. 

Our mission is to continue creating capsule pieces for your forever wardrobe which you reach for time and time again which last generations. 

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